Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will be reportedly be meeting with Brazilian Taekwondo Federation president Carlos Fernandes next week to discuss the possibility of competing at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. While Silva has proven his fighting skill throughout his career, several professional taekwondo fighters are bothered that he hopes to enter the Olympics without going through the typical tryouts first.

“The Spider” made his Olympic aspirations known to his fans this week after he posted a taekwondo training video on his Instagram.

“So guys, I know I’m totally out of shape because I haven’t trained for a long time, but I’m willing to try, and for that reason I’m working hard. If I don’t do this, we will never know if I can really make it,” Silva captioned the video. “I will train a lot, like I always did, to try to get to the Olympic Games. I’m at a different level, the Olympic athletes are almost like super athletes, light-years ahead of anyone, but I will get out of my comfort zone and try. The worst that can happen is not getting the results, but at least I will be sure that I tried. Besides that, I’m doing it because I want to test myself, know how far I can go, because I believe that our mind is fantastic. If our mind is well, it makes us do things that are seen as impossible by others.”

Despite Silva’s humble intentions, two-time Pan American medalist Diogo Silva hopes that the Brazilian Taekwondo Federation won’t take “The Spider” without making him try out first. He told this week that while the UFC star could likely help increase the sport’s popularity in Brazil, that shouldn’t justify giving Anderson the Olympic spot of a true taekwondo athlete – only the 20 best in the world are supposed to have the privilege to be selected to the Olympics.

“Anderson’s image is very profitable, he’s the best MMA fighter of all time,” said Silva. ”We don’t want the Olympics to become commerce. That would be like me going to MMA and fighting for the belt without going through the necessary trials. We are talking about a lot of people’s sacrifices and dreams. The line must be respected.”

Silva’s meeting with Fernandes will take place next Wednesday, and both are expected to hold a press conference later that day to discuss what Fernandes called a ”magnificent possibility”.


While professional athletes are told to play until the whistle, Chad George proved his sportsmanship during Bellator 136 on Friday by releasing his opponent Mark Vorgeas from a Von Flue choke before the referee even realized Vorgeas was knocked out and stopped the fight.

During the first round of the bantamweight fight, George caught his opponent with a choke that knocked him out, but referee Milan Ayers didn’t realize it despite being only a few feet away. George looked up at Ayers as he let go of the choke, pleading with him to stop the fight by saying “he’s out!” However, Ayers looked down at Vorgeas and said, “No, he’s not. No, he’s not.”

Instead of continuing to hit or choke his opponent, as would have been within his right, George then stepped back and pointed, forcing Ayers to crouch down and realize his error.

“Clearly, the fight was over and I didn’t want to cause any more damage than needed to be done,” George told Yahoo Sports. “I would hope someone would do the same for me if the roles were reversed. We both have families to go home to. This is a tough business and we know what can happen. You sometimes see a guy get a knockout and walk away, but in this case, I was fortunate to be able to get a submission and walk away.”

While George momentarily considered acting on emotion and “raining down punches on him that could cause serious damage,” he decided instead to prove that he was a professional who was “not in there to hurt anyone or do any more damage than is needed to win the fight.”


Jon Jones has considered moving up to heavyweight for the past two years, but the UFC light heavyweight champion officially announced on Andrei Arlovski’s Google Hangout Thursday night that he will likely stay at 205 pounds “for a long time.” While he admitted that moving up a weight class would be a fun challenge, Jones is more interested in breaking records held by former UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

At UFC 187 on May 23, Jones will face off against No. 1 contender Anthony Johnson. Jones told the press last month that he’d “consider the division clear” once he takes down Johnson, but when asked if the victory would entice him to try his hand at the heavyweight division, he admitted, “honestly, probably not.”

“As I get older I’m maturing a lot more. My weight cuts are becoming a lot more easy. I’m learning how to eat better. I’ll probably be at light heavyweight for a long time,” said Jones, before giving fans some slight hope that the move might still happen sometime in the future. “I’ll probably go to heavyweight for one or two superfights at some point and then get back down to light heavyweight.”

While he’s won his last nine UFC title bouts and is about to face his tenth, Jones said that he’s able to stay motivated by focusing on the records held by Silva and St-Pierre. Silva leads with 10 consecutive title defenses, and a win over Johnson would make Jones tie with St-Pierre’s nine consecutive defenses.

“I mixed martial arts, I would say that Anderson Silva has been my biggest motivation and inspiration. Just because of the things he’s been able to achieve, the records that he has,” said Jones. “Sometimes I feel as if the journey’s been long. When I start to think that way I remember that there have been people who have had the belt longer than I’ve had it. Who have defended it more than I’ve defended it. It makes me feel ‘If they did it, there’s no reason to be tired.’ “You’ve got to freaking muster it up and give it your all every time. Until I beat one of these guys’ records I’m going to keep on pushing and give it all I’ve got.”


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