With former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, Hector Lombard, and Jon Fitch all testing positive for various substances in recent months, the Nevada Athletic Commission is ready to start punishing drug users in combat sports more severely. While the commission’s initial guidelines featured merely a nine-month suspension for first-time minor offenders and a two-year suspension for fighters caught for the first time with anabolic steroids, a new protocol set to debut on Sept. 1 will reprimand fighters who fail drug tests in Nevada under new, increased measures.

Under the approved measures, violations will fall under five categories and be allocated out to the first, second, third, and occasionally forth offense. The punishments will depend on the severity of the banned substance and the history of the fighter.

Tier 1: Sedatives, Muscle relaxants, Sleep aids, Anxiolytics, Opiates, Cannabis
  • 1st offense: 18-month suspension, fine of 30-40% of fighter’s purse
  • 2nd offense: 24-month suspension, fine of 40-50% of fighter’s purse
  • 3rd offense: 36-month suspension, fine of 60-75% of fighter’s purse
  • 4th offense: Lifetime suspension, fine of 100% of fighter’s purse
Tier 2: Diuretics being used to cut weight
  • 1st offense: 24-month suspension, fine of 30-40% of fighter’s purse
  • 2nd offense: 36-month suspension, fine of 40-60% of fighter’s purse
  • 3rd offense: Lifetime suspension, fine of 100% of fighter’s purse
Tier 3: Stimulants (Amphetamines, Cocaine, Etc.)
  • 1st offense: 24-month suspension, fine of 35-45% of fighter’s purse
  • 2nd offense: 36-month suspension, fine of 50-60% of fighter’s purse
  • 3rd offense: Lifetime suspension, fine of 100% of fighter’s purse
Tier 4: Anabolic steroids (includes Testosterone, HGH)
  • 1st offense: 36-month suspension, fine of 50-75% of fighter’s purse
  • 2nd offense: 48-month suspension, fine of 75-100% of fighter’s purse
  • 3rd offense: Lifetime suspension, fine of 100% of fighter’s purse
Tier 5: Avoiding testing/detection/urine sample not of human origin or not of tested athletes, Adulterants, Drugs (including diuretics) used as masking agents
  • 1st offense: 48-month suspension, fine of 75% of fighter’s purse
  • 2nd offense: Lifetime suspension, fine of 100% of fighter’s purse

“I really thank everybody because I think that we’ve just taken this commission to a whole new level,” said NAC chairman Francisco Aguilar. “It’s admirable that we were able to come together as a group and really put our thoughts and focus into it.”

Aguilar is urging fellow state commissions to follow the “Fight Capital of the World’s” lead and abide by similar measures. While the UFC has yet to comment on the NAC changes, analysts predict the promotion will follow the new protocols beginning in the fall.


Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz won his fight over Luke Barnatt at UFC Fight Night 66 via unanimous decision on Saturday, but after an emotional post-fight interview in front of his fans in Pasay City, Philippines, he left his gloves on the Octagon mat and officially retired on a high note after entering the match with a three-fight losing streak.

Munoz, a 37-year-old former NCAA wrestling champion, was able to display his old form during the match against the Alliance MMA fighter, pressuring Barnatt from the moment the fight started and landing several big overhand rights. While he slowed down in the second round, he continued landing takedowns and applying heavy pressure in the third. When the judges’ scores came in, Munoz got the unanimous nod on a pair of 30-27s and a 29-28.

“From the days I was a kid, I remember watching cartoons and seeing superheroes,” Munoz said after the fight. “And I get to do that every time I come in to the cage. Thank you very much for the support and the trust in me, I love you guys so very much.”

“This is something I’ve dreamed about and I hoped for,” he added with tears in his eyes. “I know I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to accomplish in the cage, but I invested a lot of time and I changed lives. Thank you UFC, thank you Dana White, thank you Lorenzo [Fertitta]. I will cherish these memories for a lifetime. You might get hit by unforeseen things, but your life doesn’t end there, you get back up and you keep competing to the best of your abilities.”


Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar won his UFC Fight Night 66 main event by unanimous decision over former WEC featherweight titleholder Urijah Faber on Saturday, and now Edgar is gunning for the next featherweight title shot. The 33-year-old expressed his belief that he should have been next in line for a title opportunity even before beating Faber, but now he believes Dana White “owes” him his coveted title shot.

“I want that title, man,” he told Jon Anik on Saturday. “I know Dana’s not here — again. I don’t know if he’s ducking me because he owes me a title shot.”

“I think I’ve been. I just beat one of the best guys that does our sport,” he told FOX Sports 2. “I was able to beat him five rounds to nothing, close him out. I think I’m the next title contender.”

Edgar has now won four straight fights, and only has three losses since 2008, all of which were in title fights. While Jose Aldo’s next defense of the featherweight belt will be against Conor McGregor at UFC 189 on July 11 in Las Vegas, Edgar hopes to fight the winner. However, if McGregor wins, analysts believe the UFC will grant him an immediate rematch because of his long tenure with the title, further delaying Edgar’s chances of getting his shot at the title.

“I’m not waiting, but anything can happen,” Edgar told Heidi Androl on Saturday’s post-fight show. “We’ll see. Maybe McGregor will win and I’ll just have to fight him right away. Who knows? Let’s just hope whoever wins, I fight him next.”


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