Vinny Magalhaes Fights It Out With Phil Davis… On Twitter

by steven on December 17, 2012

Top 10 light heavyweight Phil Davis is refusing to fight Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Vinny Magalhaes, and Magalhaes is not taking it well.

Magalhaes tried using Twitter to entice Davis into fighting him, saying:

“I don’t blame @PhilMrWonderful for not fighting me, he needs to fight legit competition, just like his last opponent, who’s been fighting for 3 yrs, has a padded record against guys that their record combined is 22-26, and mainly can’t grapple to save his life. @ufc@DanaWhite”

After receiving several of those public jabs, Davis finally responded and ignited an intense back-and-forth between the two fighters:

Davis: you don’t mind waiting … But you mind stepping up. What a loser

Magalhaes: so basically you don’t want to give me a full camp, like you had, so your chances increase. Seems fair.

Davis: hahaha ur such a bum lol you can train for a year and still get beat

Magalaes: I train for 3 weeks I will beat you in 2 rounds. With a full camp, you’d fake an injury in the locker room.

Davis: hahaha your seriously delusional lol this made my day. So why didn’t you step up if your so tough vinny???

Magalaes: I’m not that tough actually, exactly why I’m picking a fight with you.

Davis: your a bum! Get off my timeline

Magalaes: @PhilMrWonderful do you see this? RT “@DGuaresimo: @VinnyMMA i want 2 see u fight phill davis so u can submit him and shut his ass up

Davis: Ur wasting my time, u didn’t want to fight on one of the biggest fight cards of the year co main, but I’m the one ducking you?

Magalaes: so does that mean that you’ll stop ducking me and you will take the fight on February 23rd #ufc157?

Davis: now you’re a liar and a bum. They offered you the fight and you ran like girl in a scary movie.

Magalhaes: I will take the fight on #ufc155. If we do at HW. Are you down?

In an interview with Bloody Elbow, Magalhaes continued to bash his would-be opponent, saying:

I guarantee he’d take the fight for December, where he’d have the advantage. Now that I would have 8 – 10 weeks to train, he doesn’t want to take the fight. He wants to fight me while I’m out of shape so he can have more chances to win. He knows if he gives me a full camp, it’s not gonna be easy. Style-wise, I’m a horrible fight for him. That makes me real upset, and that’s why I’ve been calling him out on Twitter.

Magalhaes has won six fights in a row, including his most recent victory over Igor Pokrajac in September’s UFC 152.

Neither White nor the UFC have commented on the exchange between the two fighters.

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